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Toxic masculinity sucks

Toxic masculinity sucks. It sucks because our patriarchal society creates and encourages the male to be unemotional, sexually aggressive, and dominant; where strength is everything and emotions are weakness, where sex and domination are yardsticks by which men are measured, and where “feminine” traits are the means and standards by which the status of a… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Columns

The best cars for the most useless categories

For every absurdly rich Hollywood celebrity who ends up mindlessly buying a 2-million-dollar Bugatti, there are countless kids who spend much of their free time contemplating and researching which car(s) they would have for the same money. I couldn’t estimate the amount of times I’ve talked with my friends about “which car I’d have if… Keep Reading

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How Border Walls Defend and Define with Professor Miriam Ticktin

When I started this column “Browning America,” I intended to grapple with how individuals negotiate the bounds of their citizenship, and to a greater extent their being, with sovereign power. I examined the aesthetic encounters between the socially and politically disempowered other and the sovereign in an attempt to reject meta-narratives of the “othered experience.”… Keep Reading

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You’ve Been Saving Water and You Didn’t Even Know It

Throughout this school year, you probably saved around 1,122 gallons of water. And chances are you, you didn’t even realize it. This past summer, I worked on behalf of the Office of Sustainability and the engineering department to research ways that resources, particularly water, could be conserved on campus. After preliminary investigations into water uses… Keep Reading

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First Generation Flex

On Saturday April 21, a group of first generation students gathered on Magill Walk to let the rest of the campus celebrate their existence and have their voices heard. The event was a fashion show organized by AynNichelle Slappy ‘20 in honour of national first generation week. Slappy said she was surprised that Swarthmore wasn’t… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

How did Swat get here? An abridged history of activism at Swat

  In the context of recent activism and student action regarding Swarthmore’s divestment from fossil fuels, I thought I’d take a look at past and ongoing activism both campus and related to the institution. Here’s a (brief) history of some historical progresses and moments of activism at Swat: 1869 – Nov. 10, the College opens… Keep Reading

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