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Washington DC’s long history of disenfranchisement needs to end

Washington, D.C. should be a state. Period. Taxation without representation has a long history in America dating back to our nation’s inception. After all, it was King George III’s refusal to grant the colonists representatives in Britain’s Parliament that sparked iconic events such as the Boston Tea Party and our Revolutionary War. Although citizens of… Keep Reading


Announcing a Poetry Contest!

By the Arts Section To all those able to publicly bare their souls to the oldest student run paper on campus: the Phoenix Arts Section, in pursuit of the above stated principles of renewal, is trying out a series of weekly campus-wide arts contests. In addition to publishing the winner in our paper copies, we… Keep Reading


College releases sanctuary campus policies amid national DACA debate

A few days before President Donald Trump announced his decision to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months pending an action from Congress, President Valerie Smith released Swarthmore’s Sanctuary Campus Working Group Report in an email to the campus. The report delineates steps the college has taken and plans… Keep Reading


College makes progress on multiple construction projects

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, members of the college administration held a press briefing to address recent and ongoing construction projects on campus. The briefing focused on six major projects, which included renovations to existing buildings and spaces as well as the construction of new buildings or the repurposing of old ones. This past summer, Papazian… Keep Reading


Changes in the Arts Department and Changes in the Art Section

Infrastructure changes have affected the art department both by changing the use allocation of existing space and adding new spaces that are eventually destined to be ceded to the art department. The demolition of Papazian was completed over the summer as was the construction of a new but temporary building called Whittier. Whittier is currently… Keep Reading


Athletes and Administration Team Up to Assist with Harvey

While many students eagerly left their homes for another semester at Swarthmore, leaving home was particularly challenging for a select few students, both logistically and emotionally. On the evening of Friday, Aug. 25th, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeast Texas as a violent Category 4 hurricane, causing billions of dollars of estimated damage, and unfortunately… Keep Reading

Athlete of the Week/Sports

Athlete of the Week: Riya Garg ’19

Field hockey player and Westlake Village, CA native Riya Garg has lead the team to a fantastic start in the 2017 season. Coming off of a stellar 2016 season in which she started every game she played, Garg has already registered two assists and a goal in the first three games of the year. The… Keep Reading

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